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A rupture of the ligament between skaphoid and lunatum is called SL dissoziation. The distance between skaphoid and lunatum increases, the lunatum doesn't result anymore bilanced between flexion and extension and assumes a position in dorsal rotation called DISI. This reduces the heigth of the carpum and is called carpum collapse

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osteosintesi (...

Tibial plateau fractures of the proximal tibia are often articular and need surgical reduction .The number of the articular fragments and their reduction after surgery are important for...

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See the Mb Dupuytren, a contracture with flexed fingers and the treatment options

formazione di depositi di calcio all'interno dei tendini della cuffia dei rotatori o a livello della borsa sottoacromiale

...e causa reazioni infiammatorie nei tessuti circostanti estremamente dolorose nelle forme acute

Carpal tunnel syndrome:the compressione of the medianus nerve in the carpal tunnel.