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Receive correct information about particular orthopaedic procedures, operations is getting more and more difficult. 

In these rare cases we need good advices and examples of clinical outcomes. After each surgery we should ask ourselves if the adoperated procedure was the best one for the case and if there could be improvements in the future for similar cases.

Materials are changing, cases are changing and experience acquired before is not anymore the best.

Give your inputs and contribute with your personal experience to clinical cases and advices.

New Arguments

After traction treatment (4-5 weeks) no reduction was achieved. See the RMN and arthrography images. If you cannot see the full case: login and ask for doctor group membership.

Congenital hip luxation in a 4 months old girl. See Rx-ray and ultrasound image. Which treatment should be done and when?

 If you want to see the full case, you have to require group membership... read more